• Afghan Kuchi old silver...

    Lenght: 78 mm

    Weight: 288 grs

    Size: 58 mm diámetro

    Diameter: 120 mm


    A gorgeous silver old anklet from the Kuchi nomad group inhabiting large areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It features a wonderful engraved decoration as well as serie of bell dangles that make a wonderful rattle noise when moving. Similar examples can be found in Yemen though they usually miss the floral decoration. Great patina. Extralarge size. 

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    A superb old silver hollow anklet from India worn by the women of the Bhil group in the state of Rajasthan. Simply beautiful.

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  • Old silver anklet

    Lenght: 45 mm

    Width: 140 mm

    Height: 45 mm

    Weight: 256 grs


    An exquisite old silver anklet from Balouchistan. Wonderful chiselling work. This kind of anklets may also be found in the Sultanate of Oman which evidences the intensive trade links between the two regions in the past. Very nice patina. Mid-XXth century.

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  • Khulkhal. Tuareg old...

    Lenght: 108 mm

    Width: 90 mm

    Height: 60 mm

    Weight: 228 grs


    A superb old pair of Tuareg aluminium anklets or -khulkhal- from Mauritania. A rare sample that shows an intricate and beautiful engraving work with protective designs for the wearer. Certainly the work of a master silversmith. Other names: -kholkhal-, -khalkhal-, -khelkhal-, -natal-. Early to mid-XXth century.

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  • Kuchi. OId silver anklet.

    Lenght: 140 mm

    Width: 70 mm

    Height: 20 mm

    Weight: 126 grs


    A beautiful old Kuchi silver anklet. This sample of plain silver shows a great workmanship and a precise and detailed chiselling work. Its shape also reminds of those anklets found in the city of Orissa in the state of Bengal in India. It has a very attractive patina. An outstanding example of this sort of pieces of jewellery of a Kuchi origin. The Kuchi people, from the Persian -koch- meaning migration, are Afghan pastoons nomads divided in a number of tribes that inhabit areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Early XXth century.

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