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  • Vintage orientalist tin...
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    Lenght: 7 cm

    Width: 7 cm

    Height: 15 cm

    Price €18.00

    A Belgian vintage tin container box of Orientalist design found in Morocco. It was most likely a a tea caddy. Its design is certainly very appealing and though it shows pass of time and use signs it still fully retains all its charm and endless decorative possibilities. Small size.

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  • Enamelled couscous plate
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    Diameter: 50 cm

    Price €44.00

    A colorful enamelled couscous Moroccan plate. Great character and very decorative.

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  • Vintage Moroccan hamman...

    Height: 7 cm

    Diameter: 18 cm

    Price €18.00

    A great vintage Moroccan nickel silver hamman bowl featuring a nice embossed decoration. It may serve for many purposes now. Large size. You decide!.

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  • Kaschmir. Old perfume...

    Lenght: 340 mm

    Width: 82 mm

    Weight: 270 grs


    A beautiful old silver perfume bottle or sprinkler from the region of Kashmir. It was filled with perfume or rose water and offered to guests on their arrival to refresh them in the best of Indian and Persian tradition. A superb embossing work and patina. Late XIXth century.

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