• Ourika. Berber knotted rug
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    Lenght: 240 cm

    Width: 155 cm

    Price €425.00

    The handmade artisan knotted rugs from the Valley of the Ourika to the south of the imperial city of Marrakech and on the northern slopes of Moroccan High Atlas are particularly appealing. They are meant as true decoration pieces to cover the floor. They use the symmetrical knot, undyed natural wool and fragments of other textiles of vivid colors (cotton threads, etc) for the knots and, often, for the making of the warp and weft. Those latter materials with the bright colours contribute to the awesome final result that recalls modern pieces of abstract art. However, the decorative motifs are a tribute to the ancient, vast and rich Berber iconography and simbology such as the use of the lozenge as a reference to the woman's womb and to the eye as a powerful means to ward-off evil, of the zig-zag line as a masculine element. True pieces of ethnic art.

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  • Ourika knotted rug

    Lenght: 230 cm

    Width: 130 cm

    Price €550.00

    Who ever said that London was the cradle of the punk movement?. The Valley of the Ourika and its surroundings in Morocco in the very heart of the Atlas mountain range from where this awesome comes could have been very well so. A Berber hand-made knotted wool that shows a boldest use of new and re-used materials where the purest Berber tradition produces a serious piece of art like this. The warps has been made using different materials. The weft combines woven undyed natural wool, knotted undyed natural cream and brown wool brightly coloured threads. True art at its best. Otros names: -boucherouite-. 1980's.

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