Aït Ouaouzguite bag

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Lenght: 80 cm

Width: 62 cm


A sublime old Berber bag or -l'rhomd- from the tribe of the Aït or Ait Ouaouzguite inhabiting the Siroua mountains in Morocco. Flatwoven wool combining wonderful colours and featuring a characteristic array of geometric motifs. These motifs are not only decorative but serve a more important purpose such a protecting its owner from bad influences and ward evil eye off. The use of this kind of pieces is described in Niloo Imami Paydar et al's "The Fabric of Moroccan Life": "The type known as l'rhomd was used like a sea-bag. The opening of the bag is opposite the long carrying  strap. This opening was then attached to the end of the strap. One hand was passed through the loop and the bag was thrown over the shoulder. The shepherds used simple bags of this kind as food bags when roaming many weeks with the herds. But richly decorated pieces were not exposed to every day use; they were luxury pieces reserved for special ocassions, sometimes only produced for marriages". This one is certainly a dowry piece. The quality of its execution makes it one-of-a-kind and true collectors' piece.

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