Pagne Baulé. Vintage indigo ikat cloth.

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Ivory Coast

Lenght: 140 cm

Width: 105 cm


A great wrap or pareo (pagne) from the Baulé of Ivory Coast. It is used as a prestige garment to be worn in special occasions. A handmade thin cotton textile woven by the Baulé using traditional hanging looms and techniques dating back to the Xth century. The artisan dyes first the cotton threads with natural dyes, mainly indigo, then extends them as per the desired ikat pattern and, once in the loom, weaves them in long plain color strips about 10-cm wide. The final cloth is made by sewing together about 9 to 11 of those bands. A truly ingenious piece of art.


This one is a vintage example that has been chosen due to its authenticity and beauty. It is in a reasonable good state even though it may show some slight spots or minor unstitches that only add to its captivating and undeniable charm. 

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