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Tuareg leather traveling bag

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Width: 50 cm

Height: 50 cm


A stunning old Tuareg woman's leather traveling bag -tehaihait- from Tamanrasset in Southern Algeria. Goatskin, cotton and pigments. Tuareg women are in charge of leatherworking. They soak the skins and remove the hair to then tan them with natural tannins and soften them with oil or butter. The colourful decoration uses natural dyes. Superb ornamentation that combines painted, embroidered and incised decoration. These bags are used by women to store their jewellery, clothes and other items. Sometimes they are secured with the characteristic tuareg locks -tanast-. They are hung from one side of the camel when travelling and from a pole or post at the women's section at the encampment. Not only a wonderful ethnic piece but also one with great visual impact.

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