Dogon Indigo vintage Bogolan

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Lenght: 150 cm

Width: 90 cm


A fantastic cotton fabric dyed with natural indigo by the method of reserve, batik or madiba. Dogon women would use it as a skirt or shawl. It is made of cotton strips or bands handwoven on the traditional narrow and hanging looms. Subsequently, these bands are sewn together and are dyed achieving spectacular designs that are full of meaning for the local culture. Against the evil eye, good luck, fertility, good harvest, rain, etc.


The cultivation and weaving of cotton travels back more than a thousand years in the history of Mali, as well as the techniques for the processing and dying with indigo, which in this region grows wild (Indigofera Arrecta) and is also cultivated. Archaeological excavations at the Bandiagara Escarpment (Mali) in the last century’s decade of the 60’s unearthed remnants of indigo-dyed cotton fabrics dating from the 10th to 12th centuries whose manufacture and motifs are practically the same as those found nowadays. These findings are attributed to the already extinct Tellem people who were replaced by the Dogons who would have inherited the knowledge and technology to produce such fabrics.


This is an authentic tribal garment which has been used in a rural environment so it may show imperfections and remarkable signs of wear. Although, from our point of view this doesn’t alter its beauty at all, but we recommend taking this in mind when deciding your purchase. Likewise having been dyed with natural indigo it must be washed by hand, limiting the time in contact with water to the minimum essential and taking care that during drying the piece is well extended.

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