Azilal vintage Berber rug

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Lenght: 220 cm

Width: 115 cm


The artisan handmade Azilal knotted rugs are yet another sample of Berber endless creativity. They are mainly woven in the the Moroccan province of Azilal, a mountainous region that lies between the High and Middle Atlas range. Among the Berber groups inhabiting that area we may cite the Aït bou Oulli, the Aït Bouguemez or the Aït Sokhmane. Sheep wool is used for the pile, warp and weft but in the last decades some other materials have been introduced. They are knotted using a symmetrical knot on two warps though sometimes the so-called Berber knot is used as well. The are usually medium-piled. In broad lines three main types of Azilal carpets can be described. The first one is the classical  one. Natural undyed white or cream wool is employed for the backgroung whilst natural undyed brown, black wool or, eventually some other color, is used for the decoration. The second type main characteristic is the deep red wool background where the decoration, either geommetrical or abstract, may show a fairly wide range of colors. This model is found among the Aït Bouzid and some experts see there influences from urban carpets from the city of Rabat. The third model appeared around the mid-1980's and its main feature is the use, together with natural or dyed wool, of a broader range of textile materials such as synthetic dyed yarns, reused fibers, etc. In any case the outcome is always spectacular, and exceedingly decorative.    

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