Beni Mguild Berber rug vintage

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Lenght: 300 cm

Width: 175 cm


From the artisan handknotted rugs woven by the different Berber groups living in the Moroccan Middle Atlas mountains those made by the tribe of the Beni Mguild or Beni M’Guild are, no doubt about it, among the most remarkable and attractive ones. To that contribute the quality of the wool, knotted by means of the so-called Berber knot and, sometimes, the symmetrical knot; the dense decoration that plays not only with the motifs, full of meanings and symbolism, but also with superb contrast of warm colors (brown, camel, gold, red, cream, etc.) without renouncing to brighter ones. The result is what we may define as almost irisdecent extremely lustrous medium pile rugs,elegant, full of character and that, sooner or later, end up becoming the focus of everybody's attention.    

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